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The company Autobiemme s.r.l, a company known in the automotive sector Russian vehicles for over 50 years, back to being a manufacturer of fiberglass hardtop for Jeep vehicles pickup, producing numerous finished products find their application in various commercial and industrial sectors, the completion of its 50th activity.


Specialists will help you in choosing your Hard-top that will be designed and built in Rome made to measure to your requirements, additionally specifying that all our
Hard Top do not need approval because it designed and manufactured in such a way that it does not change the characteristics of the vehicle on which they are mounted in accordance with the law prot. No. 4782/m360 of 11/4/2004 of the Ministry of transport.


Shipping is included in the price.

50 years of history

Artisan Baldan industry leading manufacturer of Hard tops in Rome and throughout Italy for more than 50 years of success.

AutoBiemme s.r.l.

Where we are

Via della Macchiarella 142
email: info@autobm.it